Aceable is a tech startup that creates easily-consumable, digital-first mobile content for state-certified drivers ed and defensive driving courses. More than 16,000,000 people have skipped the classroom and graduated from the company’s fast-paced, interactive courses.

But data challenges were slowing the company down.

In order to accelerate revenue growth, Aceable needs to analyze and develop go-to-market plans using factors like market size by geography, current sales throughput, student performance, and usage metrics.   Before, these were all time-consuming and complicated operations involving several teams with different priorities. (...)


Performing analysis on student performance metrics would start with a request to busy developers to get the data from MongoDB and load it into a PostgreSQL database. Between the request and delivery was a long wait and a costly disruption to important development work. Then the data was delivered to the BI team, which triggered yet another delay as Aceable’s busy analysts struggled to find the time to represent the data in a way that would allow for easy analysis.

Enter In this new case study, you will... allows me and my team the freedom to explore and analyze data quickly and make decisions faster than we could before.

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