is committed to continuous innovation and the development of new data catalog features that drive deeper use, adoption, and collaboration. A fully managed, cloud-native solution, everything from small bug fixes to major features are available to everyone in your organization without wait or worry. Here are four you need to know about.

Configurable Browse Cards

Configurable Cards

Example: configurable browse card

Eureka Action Center™ is making it even easier for enterprise users to discover relevant data. If you have a private instance, data catalog administrators now have the ability to create configurable browse cards that enable quick catalog navigation. Curate a starting point to direct users to important resources, organizations, collections, and other important links. 

Member Access Summary

Member Access Summary Screenshot

Example: member access summary

Our new Member Access Summary provides catalog administrators a central location to audit and manage data access in the enterprise. Get a quick view of who has access to what data for more efficient governance.

This product feature is also available to members of the open data community. 

New Connection Manager Data Source: Tableau

New Tableau Connection Screenshot

Example: Tableau integration in Connection Manager’s Connection Manager makes it simple to integrate with your favorite data and business intelligence tools. Tableau is the latest addition, allowing customers to not only automate metadata collection but also open Tableau dashboards on desktop direct from the catalog. This enables greater data discovery capabilities for organizations choosing to take advantage of the offering.

Glossary Bulk Import and Edit

Glossary bulk import screenshot

Example: Download a spreadsheet of all glossary terms

Catalog administrators can now bulk upload and edit glossary terms for faster onboarding and enrichment. The new feature enables the following workflows:

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