Atlan is an innovative data catalog solution that helps businesses utilize the full power of their data. It works as a central hub for data management, making data accessible and understandable for technical and non-technical users.

Should you invest in Atlan if you’re new to using data catalogs? In this article, we'll analyze Atlan pricing in detail, to help you understand whether it's right for you. We'll cover what Atlan does, its different pricing plans, the pros and cons of using Atlan, some competitor comparisons, and the basics of data catalog pricing in general. 

What is Atlan?

Data catalogs centralize data in one place to secure data assets. Atlan is one such catalog for managing and understanding data. Within Atlan, you'll find several data management tools that help teams trust the data they use. 

Atlan’s data catalog is meant to serve as a single source of truth for data access and management. It simplifies the discovery experience by allowing natural language search that adds context to the data that surfaces. 

Here are some of Atlan's reported features and capabilities: 

Atlan cost and pricing plans

Atlan provides three pricing tiers—-Starter, Premier, and Enterprise. Each tier comes with a free trial so you can see if it’s the right one for you before spending money. Differences in these three tiers are not transparently listed on Atlan's website, but you can contact them for more information and a customized proposal.

Here is a detailed overview of what capabilities you can get within Atlan's pricing plans:

Although Atlan provides diversified data cataloging features, smaller businesses may find it too costly. You may want to also consider hidden costs incurred, such as for storage and compute. 

Some common data cataloging features appear to be missing from Atlan’s plans. For example: 

Atlan pros & cons

Reviews on G2 highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of Atlan. Here’s an overview: 


How does Atlan pricing compare? Popular alternatives explained

Here are 3 top alternatives of Atlan that can provide you with better or similar capabilities:

1. pricing

Compared to Atlan's complex and costly pricing structure, provides a simple, scalable solution that addresses various budgetary and functional needs. offers four different pricing plans, each with 10 user licenses included, while the option to add additional users. Here’s an overview of some of the different features of each pricing tier:




Enterprise plus’s platform includes access to’s AI-powered features. They help you find relevant data quickly with AI-assisted search, regardless of your technical knowledge.

To learn more about your chosen pricing plan, contact our team.

2. Rubrik pricing

Rubrik is another software platform that simplifies data management and recovery in hybrid cloud environments. It provides three different pricing plans:

Foundation edition

Business edition

Enterprise edition

3. Talend pricing

Talend is another data catalog company that has several similar features to Atlan. Here are its four main pricing plans for customers:


Data management platform

Big data platform

Data fabric

Data catalog pricing, explained

Data catalog pricing isn’t just based around licensing costs. Pricing generally incorporates a range of expenses that contribute to the final monthly or annual price you’ll pay. Here’s a breakdown of what’s generally included in data catalog pricing:

  1. Base licensing costs: Foundational data catalog software access cost, which includes access to standard features and a set number of user licenses.

  2. Hosting costs: Depending on whether the data catalog is on-premises or cloud-based, hosting costs can vary significantly.

  3. Implementation costs: Initial costs associated with setting up and configuring the data catalog to fit within an organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

  4. Training costs: To ensure that users can effectively utilize the data catalog, comprehensive training may be required.

  5. Support costs: Covers everything from troubleshooting and technical support to user assistance and administrative services.

  6. Maintenance costs: Includes software updates, security patches, and adding new features or enhancements to increase functionality.

A structured approach to data can drive long-term organizational success. Check out the Decoding Data Catalogs webinar to get more insights into how data catalogs can enhance your business.

Find the best data catalog solution with

When considering Atlan for data catalog needs, understand what its pricing model has and what it lacks. The pricing is not transparent and varies depending on the scale and complexity of your data environment. 

A data catalog must meet specific requirements such as scalability, compliance, and budget constraints. It should have feature-rich options that cater to diverse organizational needs for all users, regardless of their technical skills, while being affordable. is the best alternative to Atlan for data catalog solutions at a better price. It gives you comprehensive AI and knowledge graph-powered capabilities to help you find the data and context you are looking for 10x faster. This way, you can understand and trust your data and empower all users to find and use the data they need.

If you're ready to explore for your data catalog needs, book a demo now and see how it can transform your data management.