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Chat with Data Benchmark: Improving the Accuracy of LLM Responses in the Enterprise

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Read the first-of-its-kind benchmark on the accuracy of LLMs in the enterprise

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Join’s Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist & Head of our AI Lab, Dean Allemang, Principal Solutions Architect, and Bryon Jacob, CTO & Co-Founder, to see how a Knowledge Graph can improve the accuracy of LLM responses by 3X; and learn how a data catalog built on a Knowledge Graph can increase trust in LLMs with clear explainability and governance.

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The data catalog platform for keeping humans in the loop

Automate and streamline data workflows while providing business users with trusted context and data access needed to be successful with self-serve analytics. See how stacks up against Atlan for data discovery, data governance, DataOps, and more.

Enterprise-wide adoption

Enable your teams, from data engineers to business users, to leverage trusted data across your organization. With a knowledge graph architecture, you can flexibly model your data, people, processes, decisions, and more. Adding human meaning and context with the knowledge graph helps to increase understanding and adoption. 

Supporting people & process

To build a data-driven culture, you want the right balance of human and machine decisions. helps you implement the level of data governance and process that’s best for your organization and teams, whether you want more automation or multi-step workflows.

AI capabilities without a waitlist

Empowering teams to use AI is important in building a data-driven culture— our AI capabilities are available now and included with no additional fees for all of our customers. Use AI with a Knowledge Graph Architecture to deepen insights, and ensure that your data is AI-ready with improved response accuracy, explainability, and governance.  

Automation meets human touch - how helps all your data users trust and access data’s platform is more than a data catalog. With native applications for data discovery, data governance, and DataOps, helps your teams find, collaborate on, and govern data to get the most value from your data stack.



Business-friendly data discovery with better contextual results via a knowledge graph architecture for flexible modeling and better semantic search

AI capabilities included with the data catalog platform without additional fees

Flexible and easily-configurable data governance automations & workflows that support multi-step reviews and keep humans in the loop for tasks like managing access requests

Simplified governance task management and notifications for users to complete assigned reviews and approvals so that nothing falls through the cracks

Streamlined DataOps communication via pipeline monitors that bring data health status updates to data consumers in dashboards and reports

“If you don't choose a data catalog platform on a knowledge-graph architecture, and bring in all data and knowledge, governed in one platform, then you are setting yourself up for failure in an AI future.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data at WPP

What to consider when choosing a data catalog platform

Who are the primary users of your data catalog?

Data producers, like data engineers, and data consumers, like business users and data analysts, are the two sides of a data-driven organization. Most data catalogs cater to one or the other. Choosing a data catalog built for both increases adoption across your organization and helps to create a data-driven culture. demonstrates proven adoption across customers with thousands of users.

What are your automation needs and goals?

Data catalogs with automation capabilities can help your data governance team streamline workflows. At the same time, total automation introduces new challenges, like failing to recognize schema changes and issues with data streams. Choose a data catalog platform with easily-configurable governance automation and review workflows that can grow with your automation needs as you develop and expand your data governance strategy.

How can I get help when I need it?

Achieving your goals are rarely as simple as purchasing a data catalog. Once you have the data catalog, the real journey begins. Choose a data catalog partner who has an excellent onboarding and customer success team to help set you up for success. By partnering with your dedicated customer success director, you’ll work together on growing adoption and learn about the latest innovations and best practices.

Learn how a data catalog platform built on a knowledge graph architecture helps organizations build a solid, scalable foundation using generative AI.