Your one-click data catalog for Snowflake + Snowflake

Speed is the ultimate competitive edge. With, your Snowflake data warehouse will deliver business decisions with more clarity, accuracy, and speed than you thought was possible.

Connect Snowflake to the rest of your data ecosystem

Your Snowflake data warehouse is just one piece of the intelligence, tools, and processes powering your business. creates a single, clean view of your data from multiple sources so more people in the business can find, understand, and use data no matter where it lives or what format it’s in.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations to quickly connect your data to the tools your business uses
  • Collaborative documentation, automated cataloging, and metadata management for your Snowflake instance
  • Federated querying across data sources and types— even those outside Snowflake
  • Reuse and adapt shared queries to get the data you need faster
  • Quickly find, understand, and use data within Snowflake through a Google-like search experience

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Skip the heavy lifting

Just like Snowflake, is a SaaS, cloud-native platform. Start increasing the ROI on your Snowflake data warehouse investment in seconds.

  • Secure, virtual access to Snowflake data to work with data in place
  • Business glossary maps data to familiar and consistent business concepts, associated analysis, and related data
  • Tailored data access and permissioning for agile governance

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Use your data to drive more wins

Built for inclusion, makes data from anywhere meaningful to anyone so your people can quickly and confidently answer business questions, capture their work, and add it all to your company’s body of knowledge.

  • Business-friendly UX supports a range of self-service technical ability
  • Connects Snowflake data to tools across the entire analysis lifecycle
  • Identifies most valuable and most used data, who’s using it, and how

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