Data Steward

Scale self-service data access while improving ease of use.

Enterprise Data Tech Stack Audit

Each team and role has its preferred tools to address specific data needs and goals. In order to bring everyone together to find, share, and use data more effectively, you need to know what tools they use today.

You make sure your people get the trusted data they need in time for it to matter, but it’s hard to keep a constant deluge of data compliant, documented, and accessible.


Access is the foundation

When more people can access data to do their jobs better, the catalog for data and analysis becomes the foundation of your company’s data-driven culture.

  • Increase the value of data and analysis by making it easier to find and understand.
  • Manage and scale secure, self-service access to the right people at the right time.
  • Improve data quality and analysis clarity to increase trust and reusability.

Meet demand and build trust

Most data catalogs help advanced data users only. helps everyone be better with data. Our platform gives data stewards the combined powers of inclusion and connectivity.

  • See how people are using the data you manage.
  • Maintain data governance, compliance, and lineage.
  • Keep data, analysis, and people connected so people have what they need to trust and reuse.

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