10 Data and Analytics Predictions for 2021


October 22nd, 2020: 11:00am Central Time (US & Canada) 

Will a disruptive and unsettling 2020 carry over into next year? How might data and analytics leaders respond and adjust their strategies? What data management trends will slow, and which will accelerate? 

Don’t miss your first look at the state of data management in 2021 and beyond. Join our panel of experts as we look at the future of data management, knowledge graphs, governance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with our speakers.

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Ryan Cush

Doug Laney

Principal, Data Strategy

West Monroe

Ryan Cush

Kurt Cagle


Semantical LLC

Ryan Cush

Theresa Kushner

Consultant, AI and Analytics

NTT Data

Ryan Cush

Ora Lassila

Principal Technologist

Amazon Neptune

Ryan Cush

Juan Sequeda

Principal Scientist


Ryan Cush

Bryon Jacob

CTO & Co-founder


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