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When you purchase a data catalog, you expect results. But software alone doesn’t turn your data workers into knowledge superheroes. You need expert guidance to achieve your goals. At, our Customer Success organization has two primary objectives: delivering a superior customer experience and increasing product adoption.
“We work with well over 20 vendors in the data and analytics vendor ecosystem, and very few vendors have partnered with us like”
Luke Slotwinski

VP of Data and Analytics, Prologis

Success is standard

Customer success is just as critical as our software. That’s why it’s complimentary with all standard catalog plans, unlike other vendors who treat software and success as entirely separate line items.

Adoption focused

We work with you to identify the use cases that deliver the shortest time to value, and back it up with metrics no other catalog vendor can provide. Your success is so important to us that everyone on our team – even the CEO – is bonused on
data catalog adoption.

A true partnership

At we rely on your input to help us build a better product, one that meets the needs of technology and business users alike. Our team frequently attends executive briefings, business reviews and weekly check-ins to hear from you directly.

Five tips to supercharge your data catalog

Your customer success team

Customer Success Director

Accompanies you during implementation and launch, guides with best practices, and provides ongoing coaching to ensure you get the most out of your data catalog investment

Implementation Project Manager

Manages customer delivery times, and coordinates people and resources for both and your team

Solutions Architect

Maps program objectives to product capabilities, and interfaces with data/engineering teams

Technical Support Specialist

Provides assistance for platform-related inquiries and technical best practices

“They were with us throughout the implementation process. And still now, in making sure this is successfully implemented. Overall, I will tell you that I’ve been very pleased with what can provide from a service perspective.”
Partha Srinivasa

Chief Data Officer, Verisk

Data catalog implementation

Data catalog implementation is as much about managing people and processes as it is about managing technology. At, our focus is on helping you achieve buy-in through realistic goal and expectation setting.

  1. Define and document the long-term product visions, goals, and definition of success, as well as the first use case
  2. Design a plan for metadata modeling, cataloging, onboarding, stewardship process definition, and roll out
  3. Develop the configuration of your data catalog and collect end-user feedback
  4. Deploy your catalog internally and begin analyzing metrics and usage reporting

Get your first win fast

As exciting as it is to install new technology, it doesn’t mean much without a strong tie to the end users in the business. That’s why it’s important to include them in data catalog planning and training from the start. Rather than “boiling the ocean” and designing your catalog for implementation across multiple user groups and use cases, we recommend prioritizing around a single initial use case with known personas.

This approach delivers the quickest time to value by getting your catalog into the hands of end users fast and provides an iterative framework that can be used to launch additional use cases.

“I really enjoy working with the team. It’s truly a one team approach and the prototype for how all such providers should strive to act.”
Bret Harper

Chief Data Officer, Choreograph

Ongoing success and adoption

Once your first use case has been launched, you can’t afford to leave open big questions on how your data catalog is performing. At, we take the time to understand the outcomes that matter to you. We know these goals will change over time, which is why you have a designated Customer Success Director who will be with you for every step of your journey – whether that’s sharing their expertise, providing detailed reports and metrics, or assessing the progress of your adoption strategy.

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