About this episode

ETL (Extract Transform and Load) was the SOP for data integration for 25+ years. A decade ago the introduction of data lakes pushed transformation to the end of the process and into tools like Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift.  Now the latest chatter in the data management industry is Reverse ETL. Shouldn’t we call this LTE? 

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Tejas Manohar, CEO of Hightouch for a conversation about Reverse ETL and why it matters now.

Special Guests:

Tejas Manohar

Tejas Manohar

Co-CEO, Hightouch

This episode features
  • The evolution of data integration pipelines 
  • Use cases for Reverse ETL
  • What other acronyms make you smh?
Key takeaways
  • Reverse ETL is more for “business people,” while “normal ETL” is for data engineers.
  • Governance is still important to get the most value out of processes
  • Reverse ETL – moving data from the data warehouse back to your applications