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October 5th:

Harnessing How Allegheny County Serves 1.2M Residents

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Join Geoffrey Arnold, Allegheny County’s Manager of Enterprise Data and Analytics, as he details how his team of five has brought together 80% of its departments with cataloged data on, how they encourage better hands-on data stewardship, and why this matters for the citizens of the county.

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A data analyst, scientist, and engineer walk into a bar...

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About this episode

Quick, what’s the difference between a data engineer and a data analyst? One preps the data, the other analyzes the data, right? A data scientist, meanwhile, analyzes more complex and disorganized data. The truth is all three of these roles perform overlapping functions leading to an incredible amount of confusion in the job market.    

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Danielle Oberdier, founder of DiKayo Data and host of the popular DataFemme podcast, to talk about the state of data jobs. How do we make sense of the roles that are out there today, who should companies be looking for in their hiring process, and what new and exciting data positions are starting to emerge?

This episode features
  • Certifications that make you more marketable

  • How to stand among your peers in a crowded job market

  • What was the very first job you ever had?

Key takeaways

  • Data scientist vs. data analyst vs. data engineer

  • Google is your friend -- always be learning, grab those libraries, follow the patterns, etc.

  • Certifications and networking will set you apart in the job market.

Special guests

Avatar of Danielle Oberdier
Danielle Oberdier Founder, Dikayo Data