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Customers choose our cloud-native data catalog to map their data to familiar and consistent business concepts. creates a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use.

We now do in half a day what we couldn’t do in six months.

Michael Murray

Former President, Choreograph

The best companies combine their knowledge of a client’s business, a sophisticated application of domain expertise and analysis, and the ability to react quickly to the data that is collected during campaigns. Mirum has always believed in data, and has helped us extend its power to every aspect of client work.

Amanda Seaford

Chief Executive Officer (Former), Mirum

We have almost no questions from our users about Questions focus on the story and how to use the data, and that’s exactly what we want: a tool that gets out of the way and lets us communicate and share.

Troy Thibodeaux

Editor, Interactive Newsroom Technology, AP

The ability to quickly make sense of data from a wide range of sources and forgo the time and effort of managing numerous file formats is critical for accurate interpretation and efficient data-driven decision-making. The ease of integrating data with a number of other platforms, whilst maintaining a live connection to, provides us with a powerful method of dissemination.

Brett Jenks

Chief Executive Officer, Rare

Once it enters into, we’re able to continually manage, monitor, and govern datasets on a regular basis. We always need to keep clean data in place in order for it to continue to be used by our clients.

Cody Cupp

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, UNEE

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Uniting data, people, and processes for business impact

No matter the industry, data and analytics leaders frequently cite building a data-driven culture as their biggest challenge. Learn how Wunderman Thompson Data, Prologis, and CareOregon use to empower everyone in their organization to use data.

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Analyst & Data Scientist

Get the data, context, and teamwork you need to experiment, evaluate, and decide.

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Multiply data’s value as a strategic asset and a force for great decisions company-wide.

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Create secure, reliable access to any data source and make it easy for anyone to use.

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Scale self-service analytics with governed access to all your trusted data.