Data analysts and data scientists are the lifeblood of your data and analytics organization. You rely on their insights to drive important business decisions, but searching your data catalog to find the information needed to fuel their analyses is often fraught with unnecessary roadblocks. with Eureka Answers™ is here to change that. 

What are Eureka Answers™?

VP of Product Management Tim Gasper demos Eureka Answers™ at the spring summit

Eureka Answers™ surfaces the most relevant concepts from the knowledge graph to the top of search. It tames the chaos of wading through thousands of dashboards and millions of data elements by focusing only on key concepts. This enables everyone in the organization to leverage data that drives useful context, actions, and impact.

What role does’s knowledge graph architecture play?

Knowledge graphs are the ideal architectural foundation for data catalogs, delivering value unattainable by either relational and traditional graph datastores. They provide a single, semantically organized view of your organization’s data and metadata, bridging the gap between how data consumers understand their business world and how your company generates and accesses its data. with Eureka™ democratizes the benefits of knowledge graphs to deliver a more valuable, contextual data catalog that increases engagement and drives data literacy. 

How will it help me?

Data analysts often use data catalogs to discover prior artifacts that will help them answer business questions – not to directly query columns and rows. Instead, they are searching for a use case, business term, or metric that will inform their analysis.

For example, an analyst who needs to answer the question, “What is a profitability analysis, and how do I calculate it?” is actually looking for a dashboard or notebook they can learn from and leverage for the task at hand. 

​​Eureka Answers™ delivers this with an intelligent search experience. When you search in other catalogs, you just get a list of things. With, you not only get the answer, you get the concept you are looking for, just like a knowledge card on search engines. That means less time searching and more time doing.

With ​​Eureka Answers™, you can search for “Orders” and we’ll help you quickly understand the “Order” concept, the best data to access, the most relevant related dashboards, and key people who you can ask questions – all without a single additional click. 

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