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Quantify the impact of a data catalog on your business. 

By 2021, organizations that provision an augmented data catalog to data consumers will realize three times faster ROI from their data and analytics investments.

(Source: “100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2024,” March 20, 2020.)

Data catalogs help everyone in your organization find, understand, and use data. Try out the calculators below to see the business impact and value potential.
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Data catalog productivity

Make everyone in your organization more productive with data. Use this calculator to find out how boosting efficiency adds up to massive returns.

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Accelerate time-to-value

Hit the ground running with these tips and tricks to speed up your data catalog’s ROI, and learn how to quantify your returns.

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Using 3rd party data

Data catalogs can help you reduce the cost of using 3rd party data. Calculate how much value you’re missing out on by mismanaging your data purchases.

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How to plan and launch your enterprise data catalog

This guide helps you determine who should help, which resources you’ll need, and what success looks like for a catalog launch.

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