Forrester: Put The Business Back In Your Data Management Business Case

“A data strategy that doesn’t resonate with the key objectives and outcomes of executives and LOB leaders is only a value proposition for improving data and information architects’ performance. Don’t leave executives and LOB leaders asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’” – Put The Business Back In Your Data Management Business Case, Forrester, January, 2020

Are your business and data teams aligned on how your data initiatives will provide value? Here is what Forrester says you can do to get everyone on the same page and start building business use cases into your data management agenda.

In this report, you’ll learn

  1. Where to find opportunities for data capabilities lead to actionable insights
  2. How to work with your business team to define business goals and
  3. How to proactively address technical dependencies and risk in business initiatives

If you want to get your data and business teams on the same page and advance your business goals, read this complimentary report.

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