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The State Of The Cloud In The US, 2022

Forrester® Report

Enterprise businesses have been migrating their systems and data to the cloud for a number of years, chasing the myriad advantages cloud computing offers on-prem systems: increased agility, security and resilience, cost savings, and near-unlimited storage and computing in real time.

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  • The public cloud is facilitating innovation.

  • US firms are reaching a new scale of cloud usage.

  • Modernization efforts are allowing enterprises to properly take advantage of cloud services.

  • Cloud native is becoming the new normal.

  • Enterprises are leaning on partners to overcome gaps and speed delivery.

“As enterprises start to revisit and refurbish cloud strategies, they seek optimization at this new scale while revisiting rushed projects to ensure secure and resilient strategies moving forward. This report informs cloud leaders on the latest trends in enterprise cloud adoption and usage.”
The State Of The Cloud In The US, 2022 Forrester® Report