We’re excited to announce data.world’s launch in the Snowflake Partner Connect Portal. We’re huge fans of Snowflake, their product, and their people. We believe they’ve built the backbone of a modern, cloud-native data management solution that just works.  

Why we’re excited

If you’re an existing Snowflake customer, you’ve already experienced how easy it is to load structured and semi-structured data into Snowflake, manipulate it, and analyze it, all in industry standard SQL. Snowflake’s easy configuration and management puts modern ELT (Extract Load Transform) within reach. 

The opportunity

All warehouses can become cluttered. As you centralize more and more data, you may encounter challenges to discovery, documentation, and organization. This is a normal part of the journey, and a data catalog can ease the burden. Until now, your only choice was to look to traditional software vendors for help.  You adopted Snowflake because you didn’t want to manage your own data warehouse, why would you want to manage your data catalog software?

With data.world, you get business-friendly metadata management, data governance, discovery, documentation and collaboration with a few clicks and no technology management overhead.

With data.world and Snowflake you’ll have an enterprise data catalog that has: 

Find us in Snowflake Partner Connect!

We’d like to invite everyone to try out our cloud data catalog and Snowflake together. It’s as easy as heading to the Partner Connect tab in Snowflake and clicking the data.world tile to activate your free trial.  If you’d like a demo, sign up for our webinar on Wednesday, February 20th.  With data.world and Snowflake together, you can truly experience modern, cloud-native data catalog, metadata, and data management as it should be.