An enterprise data catalog should make your organization smarter and more efficient – the more automated the better. But automation is not the answer if it doesn’t help people extract real value from the data and analytics environment. with Eureka Bots™ is here to make deploying and managing your catalog faster, easier, and smarter.

What are Eureka Bots™?

VP of Product Management Tim Gasper demos a capability of Eureka Bots™ at the spring summit

Eureka Bots™ enable you to build your data catalog quickly and at scale with intelligence. Before, you would have to do manual work to set up your catalog such as add relationships, tags, policies, stewards. Machine learning can help but lacks the key context and knowledge of your organization. Now you can use’s knowledge graph and semantic query engine to automatically populate people, policy, context-oriented fields, and all types of relationships. 

Here are a few examples what you can automate today with Eureka™:

Why knowledge-graph automations?

Some data catalogs leverage naive machine learning and basic heuristics to surface query results on the basis of popularity alone or do simple labeling and tagging of columns; neither of these help operationalize or create trusted data products. Others deliver complex, top-down workflows that discourage participation and fail to address the challenges of siloed data. 

Only knowledge-graph automations can navigate the relationships between people and data that empower users to take action the moment issues arise or while work is being done. For example, can compute a quality heuristic for each data source and automatically prompt upstream and downstream users of the source when the heuristic dips below a certain threshold. It can also suggest alternative data sources that a data engineer can map in to retain business continuity in near real time.

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