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“With data, anything is possible.” With that message, our CEO Brett Hurt kicked off our first data.world summit last week. He succinctly captured the moment in history we’re in today, defined by rapid technological innovations and an ambitious vision for a data-driven world. 

To get there, we must rethink our approach to data. The future of this industry must be  people-centered with contextual knowledge and organizational collaboration at a level never seen before. Only then will we realize how making data a team sport enables us to make exponential impacts, in the business and beyond.

Our speakers shared their forward-thinking visions on data catalog tools, agile data governance, knowledge graphs, and more. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

5 lessons from a three-time CDO

Bitly Chief Data Officer (CDO) Amy Gershkoff Bolles kicked off the event, bringing along her unique perspective as one of the only three-time CDOs in the world.

Her presentation highlighted five lessons about how to modernize your data strategy. Amy provided a 360-degree look into building a data-driven organization: everything from finding the right people to the job, to strategizing and aligning on KPIs to rally multiple teams under a common goal.



A conversation with the America’s first chief data scientist

As you’re thinking about hiring the right people, how do you take the next step and tap into their collective power? That was a big question DJ Patil faced as chief data scientist of the United States, tasked with overseeing one of the world’s largest data catalogs, data.gov. Enterprises are no different and face similar roadblocks to scaling the data catalogs and realizing their vision.

There is a solution. DJ spoke about what it means to combine agility with collaboration, and how these are inextricably linked. “Data is a team sport,” he says. This approach to data is necessary to realize ambitious goals your business has for its data investments.

What does it mean to build together? In DJ’s words: “dream in years, plan in months, evaluate in weeks, ship daily.” And how to scale? “Prototype for 1x, build for 10x, engineer for 100x.”

Why a data catalog powered by a knowledge graph is the foundation of a data fabric

The other component to your data strategy’s vision is, well, the data itself. A data catalog play a unique role in linking all your infrastructure, assets, and tools together in one central hub. But are those things truly compatible? Can they integrate with future data tools?

All good questions! PoolParty CEO Andreas Blumauer and data.world Principal Scientist Juan Sequeda discussed how knowledge graphs pave the way forward. A cloud data catalog with metadata and data management pillars is the foundation to connect with other data tools you may need to build a data fabric.

The knowledge graph provides the flexibility and agility to integrate and represent all your data in a normalized way that ensures your data investments are future-proofed. Watch their presentation to learn more about how it all works.

Reliable data strategies you can put into practice today

And there was so much more. Make sure you catch up on these sessions from leaders at data.world, as well as our customers. 

Capped off with a few beverages and a side of data… or the other way around

We finished off the event with an awesome episode of Catalog & Cocktails, where we recapped the biggest ideas and learnings from the day. All our presenters have left us curious about what the future of data management holds, a multitude of potential data catalog use cases, and in a world that continues to be remote-first, what curveballs might be thrown at businesses as we all try to navigate uncertainty.



We want to thank all our speakers for sharing their unique insights with all of us, and a big thanks to you for being part of the ride and making the first data.world summit a blast. We can't wait to see you at the next summit!