We’re pleased to announce that AWS customers can now purchase data.world via the AWS Marketplace, providing yet another channel for data teams to access our unique subscription-based SaaS data catalog.

data.world’s enterprise data catalog unites and classifies your data, metadata, and analysis—no matter where it lives. Our modern, intuitive user experience brings together employees of all roles, backgrounds, and skills to collaborate using the tools they already love. And the knowledge graph keeps data connected to everything people need to find, understand, and use.

The platform takes an agile approach to data governance that helps users to quickly uncover new data, request access, enrich metadata, and see how all your data is used within your organization. As a result, your data, analysis, and expertise become more discoverable, trustworthy, and reusable.

data.world is built on AWS and easily connects to data and analytics tools like Amazon Redshift, Athena, Aurora, RDS, and Glue. Purchasing our data catalog through the marketplace allows customers to streamline the procurement and billing processes via a single AWS bill. It’s the fastest and easiest way to start on your data catalog initiative.

Click the 'Continue to subscribe' button, enter your AWS credentials, and you’re all set. The self-service process offers licensing options starting as low as 10-users, with a flexible and transparent pricing structure, and easy onboarding.

See data.world on the AWS Marketplace. And learn more at https://data.world/resources/aws/.