We’re excited to announce that data.world was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave for Machine Learning Data Catalogs. Our data catalog also received the top score in the current offering category. Author Michele Goetz states that “data.world emerges with a new vision for data management and governance.”

Forrester Research evaluated a select set of vendors on 39 criteria, grouped into three categories; current offering, strategy and market presence. As the top-scoring current offering, we believe data.world uniquely provides the most powerful, complete data catalog available today. As a cloud-native, SaaS solution, our rapid release cycle is second-to-none, and we’re leading the way in innovating and fundamentally defining this space. (We pushed over 1,000 releases just in the last year - no heavy updates or re-installs required.)

You can download the full Forrester Wave report at this link.

Level up your data strategy in minutes

To survive, enterprises need to activate their data and their people. Locked away data must be surfaced. It needs to be connected to your broader data ecosystem. Meanwhile data analysts have to stop spending the majority of their time on tedious data cleaning tasks. And empowering everyone - regardless of their technical background - is not optional.

The most successful businesses today are working faster, scaling larger, and collaborating better. They maximize the knowledge they already have, and tap into the broad expertise in their organizations. This allows them to keep the competition on their toes, while innovating rapidly.

“Enterprises that aren’t able to put data at the heart of their resilience are failing and closing,” writes Forrester VP, Principal Analyst and Wave author Michele Goetz in a recent blog post. Data is central to success, and data catalogs are at the core of the modern strategy for any business.

That’s why we’re proud to help our customers grow inclusive, intuitive, and impactful data programs to see value fast. In fact, getting started literally takes minutes on our cloud data catalog.

“Data is often seen as a resource for IT but in reality, it is your company’s knowledge about your customers, your products, your employees, your channels, your supply chain, and so much more. Our goal is to light up that organizational brain and get all of the neurons and synapses firing,” said CEO and Co-founder Brett Hurt. “We focused our user interface on the entire organization, believing that data work should be an active and engaging experience. We believe everyone should be data literate and has something to contribute to a company’s collective body of knowledge. We’re honored to be recognized in this report and believe it validates what we’re achieving alongside our customers, including some of the world’s most influential businesses.”

Best-in-class collaboration

As the only vendor with the highest possible scores in user experience, collaboration, security, and data engineering criteria, data.world provides the strongest solution that truly enables everyone to work with data together.

Forrester explains that data.world’s “UX is intuitive, clean, and connected across key data roles (engineer, steward, analyst, and consumer).” This has been at the heart of our mission from the beginning, and we believe this confirms the value our customers get through Facebook-like feeds and discussions, Google-like search, and Amazon-like shopping to find, request, and use datasets together.

Whether you’re a technically skilled data engineer, or an occasional consumer of data, our data catalog is well equipped to bridge these collaboration gaps in a way that no other solution can. data.world enables your organization to build a data-driven culture, and unlock previously hidden collaboration channels.

The power of machine learning and automation powered by a knowledge graph

Forrester highlights the critical role of data catalogs in streamlining and automating processes across the data lifecycle. We’re proud to have received among the second highest scores in this criterion as well. 

Unique among other data catalog tools, data.world automates processes for data discovery, access, and active analysis work. Data, analysis, and context truly live together in a single platform that supports all file types, and normalizes data from disparate sources, including virtualized data. We believe data.world stands out in its ability to strengthen analysis through graph-powered recommendations based on each business’ data, processes, behavior, and patterns. Best of all, this underlying knowledge graph means automations and enrichments continue to learn, improve, and evolve as you use data.world.

A platform, and a partner

The icing on the cake comes directly from our customers, some of whom spoke to Forrester as part of the evaluation and shared that they “appreciate the vendor’s roadmap.” 

The Forrester report also states that “Organizations seeking to start with a solid modern data platform foundation and grow to accommodate governance and analytic use cases will have a good partner in data.world.” We couldn’t agree more.

Our enterprise data catalog today combines the best of your people, data, and knowledge to make better business decisions, enable greater data literacy across your organization, and ensure long-term scalability and resilience.