If data.world were a city, we’d be a bustling metropolis larger than Austin, TX. Today, we’re excited to share that more than one-million accounts have now been activated across our enterprise and community data platforms. This marks a significant milestone for us as we’re proudly home to the world’s largest open data community. Along with our SaaS-based enterprise data catalog, our platform also hosts nearly 500,000 open datasets across thousands of industries and disciplines.

“This is a major milestone and represents a scale previously unheard of in the enterprise data catalog market,” said Brett Hurt, CEO and co-founder of data.world. “But more important than the overall number is the value our customers and community members get from our platform every day. In the past 12 months, we’ve seen an explosion in unique use cases ranging from data discovery and reproducibility to agile data governance. The pandemic fueled our growth as businesses struggled to solve for people silos as well as data silos. Our community connects people from all backgrounds - whether they’re a Fortune 500 executive, a data analyst, or a student - who all see the critical value of data in solving the world’s biggest challenges.”

A critical source in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

The data.world open community hit this major milestone in the midst of the most significant global health crises of our time. Accessing accurate and usable data is more important than ever before to accelerate research and find innovative solutions to save thousands of lives.

The data.world community has helps us shine a light on areas affected by COVID and inequality - Ken Romano, Associated Press

That’s why in March 2020, data.world launched the Coronavirus Data Resource Hub in partnership with Tableau, The Associated Press, Our World in Data, and others, to make it easy for anyone to leverage important pandemic data for research, corporate decision making, and visualization. Community members have also used the free offering to identify pandemic disinformation patterns, fill-in gaps in official COVID deaths figures in the hard-hit Italian province of Bergamo, and track the progress of vaccine distribution

Visit data.world/community to learn more and to join the million plus who are using data to answer critical business questions and solve challenging problems.