is proud to be a Certified B Corp, and even more proud to partner with B Lab, the certification body for B Corp, to share open data about the more than 7,000 certified B Corporations worldwide. 

We’re excited to share a Q&A with Michele Bradley, Sr. Data Analyst at B Lab Global to celebrate how our two organizations have partnered, and how you can utilize the wide variety of data B Lab shares on the open community platform.

Michele Bradley, Sr. Data Analyst, B Lab Global

Why does B Lab choose to share open data on the open community platform?

Michele: B Corps are held to a high transparency requirement due to their certification. We already share a lot of organizational information (names and their B Impact Assessment scores) on our website, and so, putting it all together into usable datasets that are easier for researchers or developers to use was something that just made sense! We’re so happy we did, it’s really helped us to harness the excitement and skills of the great community of B Corps and the B Movement. 

What do you hope individuals leverage your open data for?

Michele: Research, data projects, and software development! We’ve loved how researchers have currently used and leveraged this dataset in order to do research, as well as how people use it to make great data visualizations.

We don’t yet know how all organizations have used it, but I’d love it if companies leveraged it to highlight B Corp products on their websites. We’d also love for people to match different publicly available datasets so we can learn more about the community! We just published a new dataset titled Public B Corps  for example, and we think there’s a plethora of potential research projects that could leverage it alongside publicly available financial data. For some inspiration, or to share your project or research with us, share it with us via this forum!.

What do you like the most about utilizing the open community platform?

Michele: One of the great things we love about is the forum option. This dataset has been around for 6 years, and so there’s a lot of information sharing that happens there and interesting projects that people share with us. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with the community, get feedback, and quickly spot bugs as they arise. is thrilled to host B Lab data on our open community site, and help make accessible this impactful data from B Lab highlighting business as a force for good. 

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