Announcing our Knowledge Graph Accelerator

by | Oct 27, 2021 | 2021, knowledge graph, Uncategorized’s commitment to knowledge graph technology is nothing new. We believe that an enterprise data catalog must be powered by a knowledge graph. Gartner predicts that graph technologies will be leveraged in over 80% of innovations in data and analytics by 2025. However, business leaders are skeptical about what knowledge graph can do for their organizations and enterprises are still struggling to overcome the technical complexities of graph design and implementation.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Enterprise Knowledge to introduce the Knowledge Graph Accelerator. The program helps organizations quickly establish an initial knowledge graph solution and get them on the path to value. It addresses the need to develop a practical, standards-based roadmap and prototype to quickly realize the potential of the knowledge graph while unlocking use cases such as Employee, Product, Customer 360, Advanced Analytics, and Natural Language Search.

Through the Knowledge Graph Accelerator, organizations will get the following outcomes in less than two months:

  • An understanding of the foundations of knowledge graphs, including graph data modeling, data mapping, and data management;
  • A workshop to identify initial knowledge graph use case;
  • A first implementable version (FIV) knowledge graph that can be scaled and enhanced;
  • A pilot version of your graph solution leveraging the knowledge graph-based data management solution and

Is a knowledge graph right for your organization? Check out our Knowledge Graph Accelerator program to find out.