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Product Launch: has officially leveled up its integration with Snowflake’s new data quality capabilities

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A trail map to all your data in Snowflake

You’re on Snowflake and now what?, a Snowflake Premier Technology Partner, Powered by Snowflake is the most integrated Data Catalog Platform built on Snowflake. From all Snowflake policies automatically getting human-readable descriptions, native integration with Snowflake’s Data Governance, all the way to Snowpark workflows being documented - is your guide to unlimited powder-days on Snowflake.

Snowflake Assets Cataloged with Popularity

For customers who have made the switch to Snowflake, is their companion in navigating the data. Full access to tables, columns and policies - easily searchable and automatically built with ai-generated human readable descriptions. And it works cross-domain too!

Through Snowflake Horizon, discover role-based access controls analyzed and visualized, with its knowledge graph architecture, can read, catalog and analyze non-traditional data items, such as role-based access control tables, and include them in your catalog making compliance a breeze.

Snowpark functions and stored procedures included!

Achieve governance not only over the data assets, but also the logic used in data-intensive applications. This includes Snowflake UDFs including lineage for functions, tables and views. Gain greater discoverability and transparency - all while expertly governed.

Build trust with Snowflake data quality metrics

Empower your team to make swift, informed decisions through the integration of Snowflake’s data quality metrics in’s data catalog - the first integration of its kind. Send information about Snowflake’s Data Metric Functions (DMF) on data freshness, accuracy, and more, directly to the data catalog and BI/analytics tools. Because your team works better when they know they’re using trusted data everywhere they work.


The Data Catalog Platform is built to drive data team productivity at enterprise scale. That requires a different kind of architecture.

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The most integrated data catalog built on Snowflake. We have integrated with a focus on Data Cataloging, Data Governance and Data Operations.

Only data catalog built on a knowledge graph that allows for seamless and rapid integration with all new Snowflake capabilities. Only buy 1 catalog and make it a future-proofed one.

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The most widely adopted data catalog ensuring that the most-possible people use and leverage your investment in Snowflake.

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