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What is a Data Mesh?

What is a Data Mesh?

A data mesh is an organizational framework for collecting, managing, and sharing data across the enterprise. It is a method of data management that empowers domain experts to own the data they create and make it available to consumers across business lines. Put...

Why You Need a Data Catalog for DataOps, According to Forrester Research

Why You Need a Data Catalog for DataOps, According to Forrester Research

Big data has revolutionized the business world. Since the phrase “big data” first rose to prominence in the early ‘00s, numerous studies have shown that businesses focused on using data and business analytics to inform their decisions are significantly more productive... Named a Best Place to Work Seven Years Running Named a Best Place to Work Seven Years Running

Having a job is nice. Having a job at a company voted by its employees as a “best place to work” seven years in a row is even better. And if you work at, you know how that feels. That’s because was recently named a best place to work for the...

Organizations on}1 min read
Organizations on

Organizations on

One of the most important factors in the success of a platform like is what we call “data liquidity”. Central to our vision for is to become the first stop to answer the question: “I wonder if there is a dataset about _________?”. The social...

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Notebook Previews

Notebook Previews

One thing users have expressed repeatedly in our conversations is that data is more than facts and figures—it’s about telling a story. Tables and graphs are only interesting if they build to actionable insights. These stories are increasingly being created in...

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