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5 Questions with Nick Schrock

5 Questions with Nick Schrock

The modern data stack is often defined by the type of technologies that exist within it. Cloud-based, open source, low/no code tools, ELT, and reverse ETL. But surely there’s more to it… isn’t there?

5 Questions with Erik Bernhardsson

5 Questions with Erik Bernhardsson

New data tools drop daily, but are they worth the hype? Some launch with overinflated expectations, while others solve a problem that doesn’t really exist. On the flip side, there are tools that transform the enterprise and have the potential to change the way we manage data forever. The question is, how do you tell the difference?

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How Eureka™ Benefits Customers

By now you’ve heard the news about’s newest product innovation Eureka™, a suite of knowledge graph powered data catalog capabilities designed to make your team more productive. But what is it exactly, and how does it work?

Episode 45: What’s the Secret Recipe for DataOps?

Join Tim, Juan, and Chris Bergh from Data Kitchen for a conversation about DataOps and why it's imperative for your organization.