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Many Ways To Import Your Data

Many Ways To Import Your Data

“How can I get my data into data.world?” We hear that question often enough. It’s tough to upload and continuously update the assets powering your data work. When your data lives in different places and is updated at different rates, it gets even more complicated....

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Showcasing your data work using Insights

Showcasing your data work using Insights

So you’re working on your first data project on data.world. (Don’t know about data projects yet? Check out part 1 and part 2.) Often, one of the hardest parts of a data analyst’s job is capturing the output of work and analysis and presenting that in a way that makes...

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2020 Forrester Wave: Machine Learning Data Catalogs

data.world debuts as a Strong Performer with the strongest current product offering on the market.

2020 Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management

data.world recognized as a Challenger for our ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Replay: Data that works for your business

Learn how Agile DataOps makes your data fast, adaptive, and ready for outcomes.

COVID-19 Data

Join the fight! Analyze and collaborate on COVID-19 data.

How to Plan and Launch Your Modern Data Catalog

data.world customers have used these very tactics to successfully implement their own data catalogs.

The Associated Press

Learn how AP used data.world to double data production and reach.

Collective Data Empowerment

How to make everyone more productive with data—not just the data elite.