“This looks amazing, but we can’t fully dedicate or hire anyone to get it up and running. And it seems like it would be a major time investment.”

We hear this kind of thing a lot. Enterprise buyers associate big value with big headcount, long timelines, and rigid processes. But this just isn’t the case when it comes to a cloud data catalog.

I can’t think of a single data.world client that had to hire someone to launch their data catalog.

And our projects move really fast.

Part of this is because data.world is a SaaS product, but it also reflects an agile approach where we use what we learn in the collaborative evaluation process to run fast and lean through implementation. You’ll get business value from our enterprise data catalog in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is possible because we start with a laser-focus on a specific business problem. There’s no need to boil the ocean. We only set up the data sources, integrations, and capabilities necessary to solve that problem. For example, if metadata is central to your initial use case, but the data itself is not, we won’t spin up virtualization until you need it.

We’ll ask you to bring in people only as necessary and available. If we need to set up a network bridge, we only need your network engineer for the time it takes to do so.

In nearly every engagement the people we partner with already work at your company. They include:

For larger engagements, we’ll ask you to bring in a few more people, like a data steward, some business users, and an executive sponsor. But no more than we need, and only when we need them. 

Yep, you really can launch a data catalog quickly with the people you already have. Ping us if you want to learn more.