Imagine having it all at your fingertips.  All the sessions, speakers, and venues in a simple interface that tells you exactly what you need to know.

That's what a query template does for data like SXSW's session information.

While this was a private internal tool in our own data catalog for employees, we thought, "Why keep this to ourselves?"  Then we had a flood of ideas.

Can you make it public so our friends can use it?  Can you do the music schedule too and include where the act comes from?  Can you parse venue into a different column?

Yes, you can!  And I want to sincerely thank Hugh Forrest for allowing us to share this with you.  And thanks to Noah Rippner, Data Scientist, and Kelly Garrett, Data Librarian, from our team for pulling this together.

And the rest is for you to discover (free account required).  Enjoy querying all 4,649 speaker sessions and 1,757 music sessions with immediate responsiveness and searching by any keyword, venue, genre, topic, etc. that you can think of!

SXSW Schedule Search Query Tool