Who says mid-April is too late in the year for a predictions blog? When you’re in an industry as dynamic as data and analytics, it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture before prognosticating. 

Now we’re excited to share some key trends in enterprise data and analytics, courtesy of experts from AWS, NTT Data, West Monroe Partners, Semantical LLC, and data.world.

Some of these shifts may happen this year, others may take a while longer to manifest, but we believe that change is afoot across several data disciplines including AI, ML, governance, knowledge graph, DataOps, and more:

10 Data and Analytics Predictions
10 Data and Analytics Predictions

Want to dig deeper into these predictions straight from our experts? Catch the full panel discussion in this webinar.

Then, be sure to start thinking about how you can evolve your data and analytics strategy today to stay ahead of these trends. Not to worry: we’ve got a slew of resources if you want to learn more: