The Modern Data Catalog for
State and Local Governments

Data management is a massive challenge at the state, county, and municipal level. On top of collecting, storing, securing, and sharing vast quantities of information, government offices have the added burden of ensuring easy access, agility, and transparency as they serve their constituents.’s modern data catalog makes it easy to find, access, use, and reuse data and analytics.

Centralized Knowledge

Link Knowledge Sources

Connect all your tools and disparate data sources to create a central one- stop library of all your important data and metadata assets
Automated Workflows

Uncover Insights

Catalog and classify your data, metadata, and analysis for a detailed, easily accessible, contextual view of any data asset

Fully Integrated

Locate Trusted Data

Find approved, accurately governed, project-relevant data and analysis so you can build on prior work and inform critical decisions

Data Engineering

Unify Your Data Ecosystem and Maximize Its Value

Eliminate inter-agency confusion and data brawls by ensuring every office is using the same trusted, validated, and fresh data. Accelerate your data-driven projects with the ability to search across data, discussions, analysis, and more to find what you need. is designed with a consumer-grade UI that simplifies data discovery by making it quick, easy, and safe to surface relevant insights. Capture ideas, questions, ideas, and results alongside the data so you don’t have to slow down to stay in sync.

Share Data With Your Constituents

Easily share your data with the world, and find, access, and connect to existing open datasets. is home to hundreds of thousands of free and open datasets sourced from governmental open data portals around the country. We make it easy to share data with your community, while keeping sensitive data securely locked away.


Identify and Protect Sensitive Data

A key aspect of data compliance is knowing where sensitive data lives and applying classifications for proper tracking and management. Sensitive Data Discovery automates discovery and classification, making it easier for your teams to identify sensitive data and take actions to protect it.

Modernizing Governance to Ensure Success of Data Initiatives

State and local governments are sitting on data gold mines. But they often struggle to manage data programs in a way that allows them to extract full value from constituent and operational data. Establishing the right governance approach will help public sector organizations better leverage the data they’re already collecting, empowering them to turn information into data-informed decision-making. An agile governance approach helps modernize data management and supports a data-driven culture by building a more efficient data supply chain.

Unlock The Full Value of Your Data

Agile Data Governance unlocks your collective knowledge, enhances data literacy, empowers every member of your team to make data-driven decisions, and drives continuous improvement to keep your competitive edge.

A data catalog uniquely enables this process by adopting the practices, tools, and organizational structure needed to realize the full business value of your data.

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Self-service Search and Discovery

Power data discovery with 100+ pre-built integrations including BI, data prep, ML, collaboration, and more.

Power BI

Empower data-driven decision making

Make data-driven decision-making part of your culture, so your office works faster and more efficiently. Encourage curiosity and critical thinking so you nail highly visible government projects the first time around. And give everyone access to the data they need to make accurate and efficient decisions.

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Build a data-driven culture with is the solution for today's data challenge

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