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February 9th - How to accelerate your cloud data adoption journey

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Whether you lift and shift, lift and improve, or opt to deploy new workloads to the cloud, maintaining consistent data access, policies, and metadata enables self service to accelerate cloud adoption.

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Fall 2022 summit

A welcome note from Brett Hurt

Byron Reese - The invention of data


Q&A with Byron Reese & Brett Hurt


The Business Case for a Chief Data Officer


Taking control of your data workload


The Big-Data Revolution in the Intelligence Community


The Catalog Evolution from Data Discovery to Semantic Layer


Customer Awards Announcement


Struggles of setting up a Data Governance Program


Bringing Your Data into Modern Era on the Cloud


Real Life Agile Data Governance


Data from Space to End Users in minutes with DataOps


What is DataOps and how it is transforming the modern data


Bridging the Data Silo with Data Contracts


Build Data Mesh architectures on AWS


Service Packages Launch Master


From Aioli to Za'atar Creative Catalog Use Cases Final


What's New and What's Next


Brett Hurt closing remarks