Improve the way your users work with data, easily add capabilities to your product, and reach an enthusiastic data community.

Give your users more.

Data sources

Connect users to data from the community, their own private datasets, and trusted sources like US Census, government agencies, and academia.

Publishing & collaboration

Help users share reproducible conclusions, insights, and data subsets with collaborators throughout the life of their projects.

Data storage

Allow users to upload, stream, and sync data from disparate sources and multiple formats. Create a better experience by making data consumable, accessible, and portable.

Enhance your product. features become your product’s own features via integrations.

  • Data processing: Automatic extraction of clean, structured data from various file formats
  • Data inspection: Built-in checks and diagnoses of common data problems
  • Metadata management: Fully-annotated datasets and complete data dictionaries
  • Exploratory data analysis: Contextual previews and pre-calculated summary statistics
  • Queries: Powerful SQL and SPARQL query engines
  • Safe collaboration: Support for private and public datasets and fine-grained access controls
  • API and integrations: Extend your product’s connectivity

Attract engaged users.

Get your product in front of a growing, engaged community of data professionals and enthusiasts. Benefit from multiple touch points to acquire and re-engage users.

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