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Be the architect of your AI-driven future at "Blueprints for Generative AI." 

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Meet the user-friendly Collibra alternative

Boost your teams' data productivity and leave behind burdensome processes and manual workflows. See how stacks up against Collibra for data discovery, data governance, DataOps, and more.

Enterprise-wide adoption

Enable everyone – from business users to data engineers — to leverage trusted data and engage with frictionless data governance processes. Our customers have thousands of users who use our intuitive UI and streamlined workflows to discover well-governed data, collaborate on projects, and engage in self-service analytics.

Powered by innovation

With our cloud-native platform, customers can easily adopt our latest features, including AI-enhanced data discovery, out-of-the-box data governance automations, simple-to-configure workflows, and automated DataOps capabilities. See our latest rollout of innovative features

AI-enhanced productivity

Empower your teams to use AI and automation to increase productivity, and enable business users to use trusted assets to drive the business forward. Save your governance team time with automated, configurable workflows. Deepen insights by harnessing AI and a Knowledge Graph Architecture to surface contextualized results.

Efficiency meets simplicity - how helps all your data users move faster’s platform is more than a data catalog. With native applications for data discovery, data governance, and DataOps, helps your teams find, collaborate on, and govern data to get the most value from your data stack. 



Simplified UI / UX with fewer menus and clicks for increased adoption across the enterprise, not just data stewards

Easily-configurable and out-of-the-box data governance workflows that don’t require developer support

Enhanced data discovery with better contextual results via a knowledge graph for a Google-like search, flexible modeling, and more

Queryable data and metadata via the platform

AI-assisted search and guided research ideation via generative AI to power data discovery and analytics.

Trust badges for bringing data health status updates and catalog context to dashboards and reports

Modern, cloud-native architecture with no migrations, versions, or downtime for upgrades

Shorter time-to-value and faster deployments with dedicated onboarding and customer success support

“If you don't choose a data catalog platform on a knowledge-graph architecture, and bring in all data and knowledge, governed in one platform, then you are setting yourself up for failure in an AI future.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data at WPP

What to consider when choosing a data catalog platform

Who are the primary users of your data catalog?

Data producers, like data engineers, and data consumers, like business users and data analysts, are the two sides of a data-driven organization. Most data catalogs cater to one or the other. Choosing a data catalog built for both increases adoption across your organization and helps to create a data-driven culture. demonstrates proven adoption across customers with thousands of users.

What use cases are you considering?

Organizations often have 1-2 top use-case problems they’re trying to solve. Most catalogs lean towards either data discovery capabilities to enable data consumers or data governance capabilities to control the data and meet compliance needs. With, you don't have to choose only one. does both, enabling productive analytics on well-governed data.

How can I get help when I need it?

Achieving your goals are rarely as simple as purchasing a data catalog. Once you have the data catalog, the real journey begins. Choose a data catalog partner who has an excellent onboarding and customer success team to help set you up for success. By partnering with your dedicated customer success director, you’ll work together on growing adoption and learn about the latest innovations and best practices.

Learn how a data catalog platform built on a knowledge graph architecture helps organizations build a solid, scalable foundation using generative AI.

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