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The Data Catalog for Fivetran

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Transform your data into knowledge

Your people need data, but finding it is hard, and getting it into the right hands is even more difficult.’s enterprise data catalog delivers significant benefits to enterprises moving to a modern data stack.

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Built on a knowledge graph

Enhance data discovery by mapping data assets to real-world concepts and relationships

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Cloud native, fully managed

Minimize overhead with a fully managed, cloud-native solution and continuous-delivery cycle

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Designed for collaboration

Bring your data producers and consumers together in real-time to overcome knowledge gaps

Accelerated ROI 

In order to  realize the quickest return on their cloud data investments, enterprises must have insight into the assets that need to be migrated and the ability to monitor the progress of the cloud migration and adoption. leverages the Fivetran Metadata API to track data “in-flight” from source to destination, increasing efficiencies and minimizing strain on data engineers.

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End-to-end pipeline visibility 

Governance teams seeking an easy and automated top-down view of their data and analytics ecosystems need data lineage to understand how data has been transformed and by whom. Eureka Explorer™,’s automated lineage viewer, displays technical details of how sources and individual data elements are transformed using Fivetran and how those data elements connect to business concepts, metrics, people, and decisions. 

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Agile data governance 

When deploying new workloads to the cloud, it is critical that data access, policies, and metadata remain consistent throughout the process. Together, and Fivetran allow governance teams to create and manage rules according to user role, workflows, and access, expediting tasks without jeopardizing data integrity.

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How to accelerate your cloud data adoption journey with and Fivetran

Learn how to unveil end-to-end data pipeline visibility, implement a plug-and-play agile data governance approach, and accelerate cloud adoption ROI with Fivetran and

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