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1. Plans


  • Tier 1 integrations
  • Always the latest version — no installs or upgrades, fully managed as-a-Service
  • Data & analysis inventory, glossary, and agile data governance features
  • Data virtualization and query federation – up to 20 datasets & projects, unlimted live tables & query minutes while in Preview
  • SAML user authentication
  • Usage & Governance Reports
  • 1 US region


Our Market-Leading Knowledge Graph Powered Lineage

  • Essentials +
  • Tier 2 integrations
  • Private Instance
  • Enterprise support & SLAs
  • Eureka Explorer Lineage
    • Graph visualization
    • Code preview
    • Impact analysis
    • Upstream audit


Enterprise-Grade Security & Connectivity

  • Standard +
  • Tier 3 integrations, 2 included, additional for purchase
  • Collector: On-prem, secure metadata collection agent
  • Bridge: On-prem, high availability, secure data connectivity service
  • AWS PrivateLink
  • Full audit log history

Enterprise Plus*

Additional Capabilities For Special Security/Contract Needs

  • Enterprise +
  • Single-tenant install with AWS account level isolation
  • Advanced partner lineage
  • Customer-managed keys (AWS KMS)
  • HIPAA business associate agreement

2. Users

10 users included in each tier

Additional monthly fee per user. Volume pricing when buying users in blocks.

3. Expand with add-ons

Extend your data catalog's abilities with add-ons such as additional Tier 3 integrations, extended data virtualization & federated query capabilities, sensitive data discovery and much more. Read more about our add-ons and contact us for pricing.

*Registered plan names appear on order forms as Essentials 2022, Standard 2022, Enterprise 2022 and Enterprise Plus 2022


Query workbench, data collaboration, and access to open data

Individual plan features

Search and use 100,000+ open datasets

Individual plan features

Upload, connect, or virtualize your own data

Individual plan features

SQL & SPARQL query workbench and project collaboration

Individual plan features

50+ out-of-the-box data and analysis tool integrations



  • 3 private projects/datasets
  • 3 live tables (data virtualization trial, no size limit)
  • 100MB limit per dataset or project
  • 1GB total storage size


$12 per month

  • 10 private projects/datasets
  • 10 live tables (data virtualization, no size limit)
  • Unlimited query minutes while in Preview
  • 3GB limit per dataset or project
  • 100GB total storage size
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