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We are We are determined, passionate, curious, and have high integrity. We believe in the power of community. We believe in the power of conscious capitalism.

Environment & Culture

We are data-driven and collaborative, fun and celebratory, eclectic and diverse. We value transparency: we explain our decisions, how we arrived at them, and share detailed Board updates with the entire team. We take pride in what we do: we commit and we deliver. We aren’t afraid of mistakes: we take calculated risks, and strategically push boundaries. Our focus is fierce, but we’re not all hard work: you’ll find us cheering on our house band’s live performances, or our COO’s American Ninja Warrior tryouts, playing with our families in Zilker Park, or sharing a pitcher at Draught House.

Data catalogs are a new category of software, and our team of serial successful entrepreneurs has the experience of pioneering new categories in prior companies we’ve either founded or led including Bazaarvoice, Coremetrics, HomeAway, Indeed, and Trilogy.

The owl…

You may be wondering why these cute owls are all over our website and bio photos.  We can explain! Sparkle is the name of our OWL, and it is a nod to our underlying graph query language, SPARQL.  

You see, one of our heroes is Tim Berners-Lee and we were particularly inspired by his TED talk on linked data.  Also, the name of the underlying semantic web language is Web Ontology Language and the acronym is… wait for it… OWL.  Ok, so those are the geeky reasons (and we are indeed data geeks at  

Why else did we choose an owl as our mascot?  Well, owls represent knowledge and wisdom in many cultures and is accelerating knowledge and wisdom throughout the world and within corporations, universities, foundations, and all types of organizations.  If you join us, we’ll create an owl for you! This is called your Sparkletar and it represents something unique that you bring to – something about your personality that makes you you! Join us, and let’s get creative.

The Story of Our Values

At the 2018 Conscious Capitalism Summit, a CEO on stage said, “If you want to learn something amazing, just ask each of your employees to share with you the core values that they bring to work each and every day.”’s culture was blossoming, but we hadn’t solidified our core values yet, so this resonated with our CEO, Brett. He took the idea to heart, and asked every employee on the team to share their ideas with him. These became our company values. They were developed by the team, and are more meaningful for it. Brett describes how we determined these values in detail in his blog post. He continues to ask new hires about their core values, and so far the top five remain — Determination, Passion, Community, Integrity, and Curiosity. 

We are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that diversity leads to the most creative discussions, ideas, and outcomes. We are the world’s largest collaborative data community and we very much believe that our people need to represent the diverse nature of the community we are serving and customer base we are winning. We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply to our positions.

We are proud early adopters and signatories of the Diversity Pledge and our SameWorks status! is proactively seeking well-qualified candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, including women, veterans, racial/ethnic minorities, applicants with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ applicants.

Diverse teams are stronger, make work more fun and interesting, and reflect the diversity of those you are trying to win and serve.

Brett Hurt

CEO & Co-Founder,

Perks & Benefits

Standard Stuff
Competitive compensation with generous bonus

Cool Stuff
Fully paid health, vision, dental, and life insurance premiums; education credits; charitable donation matching; daily catered lunches, plus all the snacks, coffee, beer, and Yerba Mate you can handle; game nights, rock climbing, cocktail competitions; super flexible, casual, and enjoyable environment; a tight-knit team of startup veterans with integrity, passion, and senses of humor

Very Cool Stuff
Your own Sparkletar owl character

Contributing to Our Communities

In addition to our employee charitable contribution match program, we have a company-wide charity sharing program. On a regular basis throughout the year we allow employees to submit the name of their favorite charity into a pool from which we draw winning charities to promote internally, and match contributions to those charities.

We're doing great things in a great way and people are noticing