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March 18, 2019 Announces Enterprise-Grade Modern Catalog for Data and Analysis

AUSTIN, Texas, March 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- today announced an intuitive, secure enterprise version of its widely-adopted modern catalog for data and analysis. Powered by patented technology and backed by the semantic web, empowers both technical and non-technical team members to contribute to and benefit from data-driven insights to make better business decisions.

While many companies are investing in data-driven decisions, their progress is incremental because it focuses primarily on further empowering advanced data users. But data’s value truly starts to multiply the minute every employee can find it, understand it, use it, and contribute their unique knowledge.’s modern catalog for data and analysis is designed to break through this bottleneck.

Organizations like RARE, a global nonprofit with offices in 8 countries, are using’s enterprise data catalog to eliminate the complex learning curve of traditional data work and quickly enhance data’s value for more teams and a wider array of business problems. One of the world’s largest financial services companies uses to ensure their knowledge base aligns with actual business use cases and definitions from the field, keeping data consistent, in context, and immediately useful across teams.

“Historically, data has been limited to an elite few within the enterprise, and this leaves out the majority of people,” said Brett Hurt, co-founder and CEO of “This means you have domain experts, who have remarkable insights about their corner of the universe, but don’t have a way to share their knowledge to improve data’s value. When most people can’t find the data they need, can’t understand it well enough to ask the right questions, and don’t have a common place to share their expertise, the companies they work for are only seeing a fraction of their potential, and for that matter, a fraction of data’s potential. Our goal with is to give the enterprise a way to replace this outdated status quo with one that rapidly builds a data-driven culture from the ground up.”’s modern catalog for data and analysis features an ecosystem of capabilities for the enterprise:

  • The only UX purpose-built for more of the business, regardless of skill or background
    Leading analyst firms cite the growing importance of making data and context more accessible. is uniquely designed to make data work more inclusive to both technical and non-technical professionals.

    ”With, we can easily place data into the hands of local newsrooms to help them tell compelling stories. Our data journalists have made it clear that using the platform significantly boosted productivity,” says Troy Thibodeaux, Interactive Newsroom Technology Editor at the Associated Press.

  • Collaborative workspaces capture everyone’s contributions
    Questions, suggestions, and contextual insights from domain experts and non-technical team members all enrich the value and applicability of data. As businesses add more data and people, the foundation gets stronger, and the delay between question, analysis, and action is reduced. “Our customers have documented 80% increases in efficiency, completing data work faster than they ever had before,” reports Brett Hurt.

    When data travels hand-in-hand with context and analysis, more people can use it to surface business insights faster and with greater accuracy. Along the way, teams build data literacy and establish best practices to improve their work, including reproducible analysis.

  • Fully integrates and enhances existing data ecosystems catalogs data and analysis wherever it happens. Most data tools and repositories are designed to do specific things really well, but they seldom connect with each other. As a result, data and process silos are reinforced instead of eliminated.

    Karen Bellin, VP of Data & Analytics at Mirum, explains, “ creates a unified platform for more of the experts in our business to contribute, making our data and existing tech immediately more accessible, usable, and valuable.”

  • Built on a knowledge graph to make data even smarter
    Businesses increase the potential and value of data with’s patented technology. Federated queries instantly join and explore data freely, regardless of source or file type, and semantic models align the entire business on key concepts and definitions. As teams work, the knowledge graph gets smarter, automatically capturing relationships between data, analysis, and insights that inform future data work.’s enterprise offering builds on years of supporting the world’s largest collaborative data community. With contributors reflecting many skill sets, geographies, and use cases,’s community has uniquely primed the platform to support complex enterprise data initiatives. Enterprise customers also have free, secure access to rich data from organizations like the U.S. Census,, and more, ensuring deeper, and more trusted analysis.

About is the data catalog platform built for your AI future. Its cloud-native SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform combines a consumer-grade user experience with a powerful knowledge graph to deliver enhanced data discovery, agile data governance, and actionable insights. Get fast, trusted access to your company’s knowledge when you create AI-powered data experiences with the AI Context Engine™. is a Certified B Corporation and public benefit corporation and home to the world’s largest collaborative open data community with more than two million members, including ninety percent of the Fortune 500.

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