As with last week's news that Google acquired Looker for $2.6B for Google Cloud, Salesforce's $15.7B purchase of Tableau is a clear sign that bringing business users into the fold by making data and analytics more accessible isn't just a nice idea—it's a must-do.

We talk to companies every day that have made massive investments in data warehouses, BI / viz tools, and high-paid data scientists, but they still aren't agile enough because they can't tie it all together so their people can find and use the right data in the moment they need it.

Stories like this show that the old world of needless barriers, scattered data, and disconnected point solutions is giving way to a better world of deep connections between data, people, and technology.

We built our modern catalog for data and analysis for precisely this moment, and it's extremely validating to see leaders like Salesforce and Google investing in the same ideas that make us excited to come to work every day.

Congratulations to Tableau, Salesforce, Looker, and Google!