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What Does “High-Quality Data” Mean to you?

What Does “High-Quality Data” Mean to you?

Quality, quality, quality. "We need high quality data!" It's something you hear a lot in data circles. But what does "high quality data" mean to you?’s Principal Scientist Juan Sequeda recently asked this question of his followers on LinkedIn and Twitter,...

Business trust built with data lineage represented by shaking hands - pexels-sora-shimazaki-5668838}4 min read
Build Trust with Data Lineage

Build Trust with Data Lineage

Data lineage is one of the most talked about topics in the data world today – and for good reason. Lineage empowers data team members at every level of your business to understand and trust data pipelines. It enables faster data-driven decision making by providing...

data mesh as represented by a person illustrating on a glass window}3 min read
What is a Data Mesh?

What is a Data Mesh?

A data mesh is an organizational framework for collecting, managing, and sharing data across the enterprise. It is a method of data management that empowers domain experts to own the data they create and make it available to consumers across business lines. Put...

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