Enterprises, analysts, and experts agree: data catalogs have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line. Without one, you risk getting left behind by your more data-driven competitors.

Gartner calls augmented data catalogs an “enterprise must-have,” while Forrester describes machine-learning data catalogs as a “a central platform to serve contextualized data.” The business value created by data catalogs benefits all aspects of your business - everything from boosting employee productivity and accelerating innovation to managing risk.

For organizations across the board, there is immense pressure for data and analytics departments to deliver big. Creating impact is important, but communicating it is equally so. If your executive sponsors or stakeholders can’t tell what impact your data catalog has, you put your job, your team, and your budget at risk.

That’s why we’ve launched a collection of new, interactive data catalog ROI calculators to put your data strategy into context. Easily figure out value created through efficiency boosts, cost savings, data management improvements, and more. 

Our ROI calculators measure how your team can:

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