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AI-Ready Data: Building the Foundation for Trusted Generative AI Applications

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Hear from Power Digital’s Chief Product Officer, Michael Murray, on how he and his team are leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud and Data Catalog Platform to build the data foundation needed for generative AI for the advertising and performance marketing industry – and delivering a fluid data experience to their customers. 

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November 13, 2023

Generative AI Benchmark: Increasing the Accuracy of LLMs in the Enterprise with a Knowledge Graph

Large Language Models (LLMs) present enterprises with exciting new opportunities for leveraging their data, from improving processes to creating entirely new products and services. But coupled with excitement for the transformative power of LLMs,...

November 7, 2023

Celebrating our open data partners at with B Lab Global is proud to be a Certified B Corp, and even more proud to partner with B Lab, the certification body for B Corp, to share open data about the more than 7,000 certified B Corporations worldwide. We’re excited to share a Q&A with Michele...

October 24, 2023

A starting toolkit for humanity: Navigate the road to a future of AI-empowered Conscious Capitalism

Unlike the torrent of analyses prompted by the global introduction of generative AI with last November 30th’s debut of ChatGPT – some good, some less so, but most on a spectrum of speculation that ranges from dire apocalypse to a looming...

October 4, 2023

Meet ‘Archie’ who is helping all of us get smarter than any of us — at the speed of AI

We’ve covered education enhanced by Artificial Intelligence for our children in Part One and Part Two . Now I want to turn my lens to the learning ecology of AI inside of companies. Our emergent transformation into a “superorganism” is easing and...

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