Be the architect of your AI-driven future at our digital event "Blueprints for Generative AI."

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Product Launch: has officially leveled up its integration with Snowflake’s new data quality capabilities

PRODUCT LAUNCH: enables trusted conversations with your company’s data and knowledge with the AI Context Engine™


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Be the architect of your AI-driven future at "Blueprints for Generative AI." 

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Collaborate with’s AI Lab

Schedule time to explore automating your data management processes with knowledge graphs, third-party AI tools like GPT-4, and’s knowledge graph architecture easily integrates third-party AI tools into the data catalog, speeding data catalog creation, enrichment, and adoption. Learn more about how current customers are taking advantage of these capabilities and explore the options for integration in your enterprise data catalog.

In this 30 minute personalized meeting with Dr. Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist and Head of the AI Lab at, we will:

  • Share examples of how third-party AI tools are being integrated into the enterprise data catalog

  • Review the Analytics and AI tools you’re interested in integrating with

  • Discuss potential approaches to integration with the knowledge graph

  • Answer your questions about opportunities for collaboration to kick-off your project

AI Lab projects have included integrations with AI tools like GPT-3. Customers who have implemented with GPT-3 have unlocked powerful new features, including automated:

  • Metadata enrichment

  • Use case inspiration

  • Dataset recommendations

  • Data and Business Lineage

Leading organizations trust

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to innovate with By taking full advantage of the knowledge graph capabilities of’s data catalog, we are able to accelerate metadata enrichment, and recommend complementary datasets, inspiring the creative uses of data”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management at WPP
“’s knowledge graph foundation enables us to catalog business processes, decision models, and connect it to data, in order to achieve business lineage. We will be able to apply graph analytics to find bottlenecks and achieve operational excellence.”
Luke Slotwinski VP, Data & Analytics

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