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Meaningful data work happens when all stakeholders can contribute. helps teams collaborate better by connecting your organization’s domain experts, decision makers, and data professionals within a shared, productive environment designed specifically for modern data teamwork.

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Collaborate in context. keeps data and context together from question to conclusion so you and your collaborators can fully understand any project at any stage, coordinate closely, and put new knowledge to work faster. When everyone gets it, your team achieves more.
Prep, plan, and discuss in one place.

Start with a clear question or objective, gather and join relevant data, then start engaging with your team by creating new topics, embedding visualizations, and planning next steps.
Stay in the loop on activity and changes.

Activity feeds and alerts keep you up-to-date and provide a detailed, scannable change log of a project’s history.

Share insights as you go.

Find something fascinating? Share an Insight! Insights appear in context, so your team can see how your new knowledge came to be.

Get to work faster. brings together the data tools and formats you use today and then gets out of your way. Query within and across datasets, work locally and sync changes to, and export and pull data with ease.
Ramp-up quickly with native exploration, descriptive statistics, and issue identification. surfaces the right information at the right time based on context, permissions, and other factors. Collaborators get what they need to understand and participate—all in one place—no matter when they join your project.
Query across datasets, sources, and mixed file types.

Need to join two datasets or more? No problem. Pull data from CSV and JSON with one query? makes sure they play nice together.
Upload data and write SQL immediately.

No need to spin up a database to start writing SQL. What will you do with the time you’ll save?
Work locally, sync changes, and access data from anywhere.

Keep using the data tools you love, mirror the changes on, and access remotely via our APIs.

Extend your wins. breathes new life into past projects by organizing your team’s output. Eliminate duplicative work by quickly finding and incorporating useful data and previous discoveries. Why start from scratch when you can build on what you and others have already done?
Search prior projects and data by column, tag, date, and more.

Structured search helps you find data and discoveries from your team’s past, ready to use in your next project. Plus, search tens of thousands of datasets posted by community members and trusted institutions like the US Census.
Integrate multiple datasets into new projects for fresh insights.

Bring together new and old data from proprietary and public data sources. Data Projects are designed to rapidly surface insights, capture discussions, and improve cross-functional collaboration. Case Study

Case Study

The Associated Press created a centralized data collaboration and distribution hub for 300+ journalists of all skill levels. Learn how one of the oldest news networks puts data in the heart of local newsrooms.


Centrally manage your organization’s access with public and private datasets, tight control over membership and user permissions, and other governance features.

Integrations plays nicely with your data toolchain. Our APIs and growing list of integrations allow you to connect your tools with minimal effort.

A safe place for your data. takes security seriously. Learn more about system security, encryption, access control, and the other measures we take to safeguard our community members and their data.

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