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Data visualization made easy. Microsoft Power BI helps you analyze, uncover and share insights, while bringing your data to life with amazing interactive visualizations. Connect to hundreds of data sources, clean and model your data with ease, explore insights, and produce beautiful reports that you can then share with colleagues and publish to the web with a few clicks.

The data.world data connector in Power BI is designed to help you go from data to insights in minutes. This connector enables you to:

  • Preview a dataset
  • Load data directly into Power BI Desktop
  • Use the Query Editor to apply data transformations and filters before loading the data

Power BI Desktop syncs directly with data.world, so that you’re always using the latest and greatest data.

This connector supports Power BI Desktop December 2017 release and greater. Don’t have it yet? Download the free Power BI Desktop here.


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Getting Started

To use the connector from Power BI Desktop:

  1. From the Get Data dialog, select Online Services, and then Data.World – Get Dataset.
  2. On the connector prompt, enter the Owner and Dataset ID from the data.world URL
  3. You will then be able to preview the dataset and load it directly into Power BI Desktop or leverage the Query Editor to apply data transformations and filters before the data is loaded.

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