Keshif turns data into a beautiful live dashboard in seconds.


Keshif is a rapid data visualization and exploration platform. Its automated design helps you do more faster in an intuitive environment built for effortless data analysis and exploration. To start understanding your data with the right visualizations, you no longer need to manually configure complicated tool settings, and you don't need to have deep visualization and analytics knowledge.

The integration for Keshif brings convenient data analysis to community -including data enthusiasts just beginning their journey-, while at the same time bringing flexible data preparation and sharing options to Keshif community.

As a user, now you can

  • Create rich interactive visualizations and dashboards within seconds,
  • Quickly and effortlessly analyze and explore public or private datasets,
  • Save and share unlimited number of dashboards, privately or with the community, and
  • Do it all without requiring special skills or training in data visualization and analytics.

As a Keshif user, now you can

  • Prepare your data in SQL before exploring it in Keshif,
  • Even merge data from multiple tables, and
  • Use the social and collaborative platform to share your work and datasets.

All you need is a modern browser and a account. No other installation is required.


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Getting Started

You can start exploring data from with Keshif in just 30 seconds and 10-clicks

  1. Sign-in to Keshif at
  2. Enable connection at your account (you don't need to manually manage API tokens).
  3. Visit, or select DataWorld as the import data source.
  4. Easily browse and select datasets from ,
  5. Select a table, or write your own SQL query,
  6. Click "Explore", and
  7. Visualize and explore the data with automated, fully-in-sync Keshif dashboards.

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