Turn Excel files into datasets.


Microsoft Excel is arguably the most used tool for data preparation and analysis in the world.

Excel files can be uploaded directly into data.world. However, there are cases where uploading the entire file may not be convenient or appropriate. For example, in cases where the file changes often or when parts of the worksheet are not intended to be shared.

The data.world add-in for Microsoft Excel brings maximum convenience and flexibility to Excel users, and allows them to:

  • Turn Excel files into data.world datasets.
  • Collaborate with other Excel users.
  • Sync changes with a single click.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Getting Started

The data.world add-in for Microsoft Excel can be installed directly from the AppSource.

Alternatively, in Excel:

  1. Navigate to Insert → Store
  2. Search for "data.world"
  3. Look for "data.world — Turn Excel files into datasets" and click the "Add" button next to it

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