Chart Builder

Quick Vega-Lite visualizations for your data


Chart Builder is a visual editor for Vega-Lite visualizations built specifically for It is the perfect tool for those looking to create a simple visualization that is lightweight and easy to embed.

Vega-Lite and Vega are simple, portable, JSON-based file formats for describing visualizations - created by the University of Washington Interactive Data Lab (IDL). natively supports Vega visualizations with previews for files with .vl.json or .vg.json file extensions. You can embed Vega visualizations directly in discussions and markdown documentation or generate project insights from them. You can read more about how to use Vega and Vega-Lite in here.

With Chart Builder, you can:

  • Create Vega-Lite plots without the need to write the JSON file by hand
  • Load data from query results automatically
  • Share your visualizations as files or insights

Chart Builder is an open-source project created by You are welcome to get involved and become a contributor!


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Getting Started

  1. Perform a query or preview a data file.
  2. Choose “Open In App” and select “Chart Builder”.
  3. Approve the application and you’ll be able to build simple charts and save them back to as files or insights.

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