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Data work made easier.

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Securely collaborate in private or public workspaces.

Solve problems faster by linking data and people in context.

Securely share data, findings, and visualizations.
  • Create new datasets and increase discoverability with metadata, tags, and rich descriptions
  • Invite contributors and manage permissions to public and private datasets
  • Leverage secure infrastructure (Learn more)
Organization accounts help groups work together.
  • Centrally manage members' access and permissions
  • Collaborate within your organization and with partners
  • Learn more about data.world organizations

Discover new data.

Search your organization’s data as well as thousands of public datasets, projects, and sources.

Find the data you need.
  • Browse data on topics ranging from finance to health to sports and politics
  • Search for data by title, user, tag, table name, column header, create date, date of last update, and more
  • Filter searches to view only datasets, or people and organizations

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Stay in the loop on activity you care about.

Check your personalized activity feed for trending and relevant data.
Get notified and stay current on your data projects and topics of interest.

Keep data and context together.

Context lives alongside the data — descriptions, metadata, documentation, annotations, licenses, scripts, notebooks, analysis, visualizations, and other output.

Documentation and Rich Summaries
File Descriptions
Notebooks and Scripts
Column Descriptions

Explore quickly before going deep.

File previews of structured data let you quickly understand size, shape, and descriptive statistics.

See inside files before downloading.
  • Preview and expand data files, scripts, notebooks, documentation, and more
  • Overviews show you schema, column types, empty cells count, distinct values count, distribution, and other key information
Quickly find and understand hidden insights with exploratory visualizations.
  • Reveal patterns and anomalies with 9 chart types
  • Easily export to .png, .pdf or Markdown

Transform data for faster prep.

Spend less time on ETL and start analyzing sooner.

  • Upload CSV and JSON, write SQL immediately
  • Easy ETL to a robust, scalable, query API endpoint

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Join the thousands of data people already using data.world to share their data, work together, and build amazing things.

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Write and share powerful queries.

Easily write federated dataset queries and joins across disparate files, formats, and accounts.

Query within and across datasets.
  • Write SQL and SPARQL with no need to create a database
  • Execute queries among multiple files and datasets effortlessly—various file types are automatically normalized
Save and share your queries.
  • Let your team run your queries and see your results
  • Export results in CSVs, or make direct API connections to pull data as data frames into Python, R, etc.

Integrate into your workflow with APIs and SDKs.

Move your data effortlessly through your preferred toolchain and workflow.

Work locally and sync changes to data.world.
  • Pull your data from other sources through URLs and hotlinks
  • Push your data to data.world from other tools using SDKs, web hooks, and scripts
Export and call data with minimal effort.
  • Full suite of APIs for programatic access (REST APIs) from your preferred tools
  • SDKs for accessing your data from your favorite environment (R and Python / Pandas)
  • UI designed for easy export (data frames, query results, visualizations)
  • Visit our API documentation to learn more

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