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How to accelerate your data initiatives and culture with cloud-native technologies


Your cloud strategy and data strategy must be inextricably linked. If your cloud infrastructure and services aren’t capturing, storing, and delivering data to the people who need it, they can’t make sound business decisions. Likewise, it’s tough to stay competitive if your data tools require constant management and take months to provision. Ultimately the success of your data journey depends on a harmony of infrastructure, tools, and a modern data culture.   

Join experts from data.world, AWS, and Slalom as we discuss the intersection between data management, infrastructure and strategy to enable a data-driven culture.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to aggregate, process, and analyze diverse data sources easier and faster
  • How the right software and strategy can enable teams to become more data-driven
  • How an agile approach to data in the cloud benefits everyone in an organization
  • How to unlock the potential of your organization through a modern culture of data

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Robert Harris, Solutions Architect

Jobin George

Sr. Partner Solution Architect – Data & Analytics


Robert Harris, Solutions Architect

Sunny Khera

Practice Area Lead


Robert Harris, Solutions Architect

Steven Carter

Practice Area Lead


Robert Harris, Solutions Architect

Bryon Jacob

CTO & Co-founder


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